Monday, October 09, 2006

2005 Matua Valley Sauvignon Blanc

Another recent purchase from Chronicle Wine Cellar in Pasadena was this 2005 Matua Valley Sauvignon Blanc for $7.95. This is very widely available through internet outlets, and I've seen it in some area supermarkets, too.

I popped this in the fridge in the late afternoon to chill a bit, then had a glass while dinner was finishing up in the oven. Tonight we're having a Jamie Oliver pot-roasted chicken with sweet and sour sauce from his Happy Days with the Naked Chef. The recipe is not online, but it would be a great dish for entertaining since you just chop things up, throw them in the oven for 1.5 hours and then plate it and whizz up the sauce in the food processor from the veggies that have roasted under the chicken.

Matua is New Zealand winery that produces a full range of wines. I find that New Zealand Sauvignon Blancs are a bit more restrained and subtle than the lush, tropical Australian Sauvignon Blancs. While I love them both, I decided I wanted something that would compliment, rather than compete with, the ginger and strong flavors in the main dish we are having tonight.

Like most sauvignon blancs, the 2005 Matua is light, flavorful, and tangy. It is a pale lemon color. When you first smell it, the overwhelming impression is one of fresh cut grass. There is nothing aggressive or green-peppery in the aromas. You may catch a whiff of lime or citrus. When you taste it, the taste impression is also herbal, with a bit of lime on the end. This wine has 13.5% alch/vol. and has none of the vanilla or oak flavors associated with ageing in oak.

I think this wine has a very good Quality/Price Ratio (QPR) at $7.95. This would be a good compromise wine for those who find French sauvignon blanc hard to find, but are not always happy with the lush, fruity Australian sauvignon blancs. There is none of the mineral taste you find in a good French sauvignon blanc here, but it is still delicious.


Brooklynguy said...

Hec Doc - thanks so much for mentioning my blog on your "useful links" sidebar. Not sure if you realized this, but it doesn't actually link to my blog, which would be cool, if you meant to do that.

also - you can guess the wine (you already nailed the region (how?) on beau's basic juice blog. you can get there from my blog if you don't already have the address.

take care! - Neil

Dr. Debs said...

Hey, Neil--Can't figure out how else to get this to you and don't want to clutter up your site. I syndicated your blog. The three most recent posts automatically appear on my blog. Clicking on anyone of them automatically takes you (or anyone else) to your blog.

Sorry if I let the cat out of the bag re: the ?? wine. I'm a label freak and a historian. As soon as I read the post I could see the label! (that is, if I'm right...)