Wednesday, April 22, 2009

For Brighter Whites Turn to Alsace

It's hot in LA. Really, really hot--as in record breaking.

When it's this hot, you want a wine that's bright and refreshing. I'm learning about the wines of Alsace these days, and this is the first of several recommendations to come. If you don't know about Alsatian wines, I can assure you that they are perfect spring-into-summer picks with vibrant acidity and a kind of nervy, racy quality that keeps the wine lively and bright down to the last drop.

If you are looking for a starting place for Alsatian whites try this 2006 Bott-Geyl Les Pinots d'Alsace Metiss. ($16.00, Domaine547) This was a lovely wine for the price with nice depth and a briskness that kept it lively. It's made from a blend of four different Pinot grapes--Pinot Auxerrois (33%), Pinot Blanc (33%), Pinot Gris (17%), and even some Pinot Noir (17%). This is not a rose wine, though--this is white. There were lovely honeyed orange and lemon aromas and flavors, and a nice stoniness in the aftertaste. Excellent QPR.

This wine would be terrific with grilled chicken or fish--the kind of hot weather foods we'll all be eating soon--but it has the necessary stuffing to stand up to grilled sausages or pork, too.

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