Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Why I Love Spanish Wine--Especially In Summer

There are many reasons I love Spanish wine any time of year. Many are made with indigenous grapes (always a plus for me). They're food friendly. They're good value. In summer, though, I add another reason to my list: they go great with grilled food.

If you'll be taking your BBQ out for its maiden voyage of the 2009 season this weekend, pick up a bottle of one of these Spanish wines to have with whatever you put on the grill.

2005 Bodegas Montecillo Rioja Crianza (suggested retail, $12; available for $7-$13) Year in and year out this is my favorite entry-level Spanish Tempranillo. It will appeal to traditionalists, who want their Tempranillo to have the earthy, herbal, leathery loveliness of the grape. Aromas of leather, earth, and herbs will greet you first, with black cherry notes in the background. In the flavors, expect juicy cherries and berries, with a lovely, long aftertaste. For $12? Impossible to beat, in my opinion. Excellent QPR.

2006 Martín Códax Rioja Ergo (available $9-$15) Also made with Tempranillo, this wine walks the line between Old World restraint and New World fruit with its black cherry, mint, and chocolate aromas. Rich berry and cherry flavors have a gamey edge that will pair beautifully with steak, burgers, or lamb. Very good QPR.

2007 Tapena Grenache (suggested retail $9.99; available for $7-$12) This is a bold, fruity wine with aromas of blackberries and cherries. You'll find more sweet blackberry fruit in the flavors along with some cinnamon, all wrapped up in a softly textured package. An enjoyable wine that will go with a wide range of foods, including grilled vegetables and chicken. Very Good QPR.

Full Disclosure: I received these wines as samples.


Unknown said...

I agree with you, but have you tried the fantastic white wines from Galicia, Albariño grapes based, from D.O. Rias Baixas? For me they are perfect for a summers season!
Franco Ziliani

Stacey said...

I am going searching for the Tapena Grenache tomorrow... sounds delicious!

Bobbie Smith said...

I love Spanish wines, haven't had any of these but will definitely be checking them out. Recently had a great Campo Viejo Gran Reserva for less than $20. Gotta love Tempranillo and Grenache, I hope that once the secret is out, they remain affordable.

french tart said...

this blog post has perfect timing. not only is a wine superstore opening near my house tonight, but i was looking for a good red to eat with the grilled lamb chops i'm making later. wee!!! thank you! i do love spanish reds.

french tart said...

i meant, a good red to drink with the lamb chops. heh. my excitement got the better of me.

Ashley Lauren said...

Thank you. You are spot on about the summer appeals of Spanish wines. You're timing for this post was perfect as I have made plans for tonight's wine choice as a result.

john witherspoon said...

Hey Dr D,
I love Grenache and Tempranillo in the summertime or anytime! haha Bodegs Atteca makes a $8 Grenache and it's big brother $16 that are steals. The little brother is Garnacha de Fuego and the big brother is just Atteca I believe.

Mr Taz said...

Hey Debs,
Thanks for the tip on the Montecillo. I picked up 2 bottles @$8.99 based on your rec, and am enjoying the first one right now. You nailed it in your notes. How do you go beyond excellent QPR?

Bobbie Smith said...

Tried the Tapena and I agree good wine. Especially for the price. Thanks for the recommendation. I had seen it around and you pushed me over the edge to buy it!

Rumela said...

If you like Spanish wines, you will be looking to buy them at the best possible price and that too from a store that has credibility, and can deliver the goods, time and time again.