Saturday, September 26, 2009

A Bargain in Bubbles: Zonin Prosecco

I'm sliding in a weekend post--a recommendation for bargain bubbles in case you have something to celebrate. When a wine is this enjoyable and this affordable, I figure finding a reason to celebrate is pretty easy. Did you finish your laundry? Clean out the TiVO? Wash dishes?

If so, treat yourself to a bottle of the NV Zonin Prosecco (suggested retail around $14, but available for $8-$18 in the market). This is a new bottling for Zonin, which already makes a popular "Special Cuvee" and "Brut" Prosecco. I really enjoyed this wine in part because it was a hair off-dry, which made for a wine that tasted soft with aromas and flavors of honeyed apple. There are some zngy tangerine peel notes in the aftertaste, which only added to the attractions for me.

This was a nicely-priced, thoroughly enjoyable, not-too-serious sipper of a Prosecco that you can enjoy before dinner or with dessert without guilt or stress. Very good QPR all around.

Full Disclosure: I received this wine as a sample.


Chelsea said...

I've had this actually. It's quite apple tasting. I enjoyed this greatly.

Thank you for this review.

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Wine Gift Baskets said...

Bright pale straw-yellow; a fine, clear mousse with a very delicate perlage. Attractively intense; very fruity and aromatic, with hints of wisteria flowers and Rennet apples. Very well-balanced and appealing, with the extremely delicate almond note that is typical of Prosecco.

Thanks for this review.:)