Sunday, November 01, 2009

Today on Serious Grape: Wine Survival Strategy for the Holidays

As 12:01 AM today, it is officially that festive time of year known as "the holidays." It is a time of joy, of family celebrations, gift-giving, and--hysteria.

Before you hit the panic button, go out now and get yourself a mixed case of wine so that you've got bottles on hand for emergencies that include: we have nothing in the house for dinner, two people just stopped by with pumpkin bread, and extreme mall fatigue. (photo by dumbledad)

This week on Serious Grape I've got a shopping list for a mixed case of wine that will help you cope with most holiday emergencies. Head over and check it out, and if you have any other holiday entertaining survival strategies, leave them here or over there in the comments section.


The Wine Mule said...

Good for you, putting some Cremant d'Alsace in your bubbly bin. Nothing against Prosecco, but there is room for variety under $20!

Applause also for the dry riesling selections. I get tired of having to pick up a bottle and chant "It's not sweet!" over and over again...

In the rosé category, I have to admit to a bias against the California stuff--I think a lot of it is overpriced for the quality you get. But that's just me. I do think it's worth checking out some robust rosés of garnacha and monastrell, many of them right around the $10-12 mark. Castaño is a good name to look for.

Tricerapops said...

i find sparklers from loire a good value and would fit the bill for more sparkling wine in personal cellars/wine stashes.

not sure about rose personally, it might just be palate fatigue (likely i just drank a lot of s#itty ones over the summer) - but i'm ready to drop rose as the temps drop (which is not by MUCH here in LA, haha).