Thursday, November 08, 2007

It's (Almost) Beaujolais Nouveau Time

We used to say "Beaujolais Nouveau est arrivee!" Not anymore. Beaujolais has a new slogan, which unfortunately for me conjures up cans of beer: "It's Beaujolais Nouveau Time."

In one short week beaujolais nouveau will be shipped, airlifted, and dropped into the hands of waiting consumers all over the world who for a variety of reasons look forward to this yearly wine event where extremely young wine is exposed to an international audience.

The wine gets a mixed reception, as you would imagine. Some love the simple festiveness of it all, and drink it slightly chilled while making the dinner they will serve with Some Other Wine. Others deplore the fact that when there is so much truly excellent, inexpensive cru beaujolais out there, we prefer the far less interesting beaujolais nouveau even when it costs more. And it often does cost more. Not to mention the huge carbon footprint that all this is leaving on the earth every time so much wine has to be moved so quickly.

Personally, I wouldn't miss buying at least one bottle of beaujolais nouveau. For me, missin gout on it is like missing out on apple cider at Halloween, pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving, or a Cadbury creme egg at Easter. None of these items appeals to me at any other time--but I want them when the season is upon us. If you are in LA and want to join in the celebrations, you can attend the special beaujolais release event at the Shrine Auditorium. Not in LA? Don't worry. Chances are excellent that there is an event in your area, too.

So what are you planning for next Thursday? Will you be drinking bojo novo? Holding out? Drinking something else? Let us know!


Orion Slayer said...

Beaujolais Nouveau got me interested in wine last year. I have always enjoyed wine, but if I had not seen a report on the TV news about the Beaujolais Nouveau fad, I would have sadly gone on my way not learning more about wine.

Thanks to this silly marketing ploy, I have enjoyed wines this year that I never knew about. Thanks Georges Duboeuf for opening up the wonderful world of wine to me!

Dr. Debs said...

Thanks for this comment, Orion Slayer. I recall that BN was important to my wine development, too, because it was not intimidating in any way to drink it. I should also confess that I actually like the way it tastes, chilled down to a reasonable temperature. Not to mention it goes really well with take-out or home-made fried chicken...

Anonymous said...

Brava, Dr. Debs! I agree with all the arguments against BojoNovo, but (as evidence I suppose of my lack of moral cojones) I can't resist having at least one bottle to celebrate the season, just like the cider and pumpkin pie you mention.

My fondest memories of drinking BN are from the Caribbean, where a now-ex and I would chill down a bottle and then take it to the beach with a picnic, guzzling while up to our necks in crystal clear water and glistening white sand. You had to drink it quick in that environment, or it would warm up, but it was great fun!

I also like the simple festivity of the marketing ploy; I think it helps make wine more fun for everyone.

Anonymous said...

I'm all for the B.N. I do love the goofy festivities surrounding it (can't wait to get our flags and poster, lol...). I think it's just a fun wine for the season, even though interest seems to be seriously waning. Which one will you be drinking? Last year we brought in the Duboeuf and it was underwhelming at best, so this year we're going with the Drouhin.

Dr. Debs said...

Hi, Carol. It's strange, there IS less hype, isn't there? I'm not sure which one I'll be drinking; it all depends on what BevMo has. They will have DuBoeuf for sure!