Friday, April 11, 2008

WBW #45: Old World Riesling

I'd hoped to have you a roundup of Wine Blogging Wednesday #44, which was hosted by Gary Vaynerchuk of Wine Library TV and dedicated to French Cabernet Franc. However, no one is exactly sure if there is even going to be a roundup.

So the host of Wine Blogging Wednesday #45, Tim Elliott of Winecast, decided to forge ahead announce May's theme. It's Old World Riesling, and Tim wants us to find a European Riesling--any style, any price point--and drink it before May 7. Then, post your impressions over at the Wine Blogging Wednesday site or on you own blog (if you have one). Full details are available on Winecast.

Rieslings are affordable, food-friendly wines that are often misunderstood and not fully appreciated. People often say "I don't like sweet wines," and therefore won't try Rieslings, but not all Rieslings are sweet. So go exploring and give them a try.

See you back here on May 7 for what promises to be a terrific WBW. Thanks as ever to Tim at Winecast for hosting the event, and Lenn of Lenndevours for dreaming it up in the first place.

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