Sunday, November 12, 2006

Sparklers: Wine Blogging Wednesday #28 Announced

Seattle' s own Culinary Fool is hosting next month's Wine Blogging Wednesday. The theme she's picked is "Sparklers," perfect for the upcoming December and January festivities. On December 13, wine bloggers all over the web will pop their corks and post their reactions to all kinds of sparkling wines.

The only sparklers that are off limits are Champagne (Sam over at Becks 'n' Posh did those a few months ago, click here for the informative round-up). Culinary Fool has even asked us to tag our wines as "Party Sparklers" (budget-friendly sparkling wines that you could serve at parties without embarassment!), "Special Sparklers" (sparklers that cost more but are nice for splurges on special occasions), and even "Duds." So there should be lots of good suggestions for those of us looking for guidance on which sparkling wines to pick in the under $20 bracket.

For more details in case you want to participate, check out her full brief. Culinary Fool hopes to post the round-up around December 15 in plenty of time for all those toasts.


David said...

thanks for the heads up on this, I'm starting to plan my tasting party! (it would seem selfish to participate without some company!)

Dr. Debs said...

Great, Cooking Chat! Looking forward to your review next month.