Tuesday, February 13, 2007

WBW #31 Announced: Non-Traditional Packaging

The theme for next month's Wine Blogging Wednesday has been announced. Hosted by Box Wines Blog, the brief is to pick a wine in a non-traditional package (box, tetrapack, goatskin--although I think that's the most traditional, isn't it?), drink it, write up your tasting notes, and post them on March 14, sending a note to the hosts about your submission. For the full brief, click on the announcement link.

Thanks to Sonadora at Wannabe Wino for giving me the head's up that this had been posted!


Sonadora said...

No problem....I had a lot of time on my hands yesterday since my training class got dismissed at 11am and I had already done all my work for the day since I had planned to be in training all day! Gave me some extra time to pick up on the announcement as soon as it was posted (or maybe I was just that bored to be repetetively clicking on everyone's blogs in search of an update to read!).

Anyway, it should be an interesting WBW...I have to say I have never had a box wine outside of the Franz.

Dr. Debs said...

Hi, Sonadora! Sorry I totally lost track of this comment. Can I make a confession? I am scared of WBW #31. I'm the only one who really drinks in the house. I'll never get through a box of wine. And boxes of wine--I swore off them years ago.

Sonadora said...

Oh, box wines terrify me. Like I said, I've not had any good experiences with them. I think you'll finish it if you get a box one in a small amount. I saw 1.5 liters in my store, and it will last a month in the box. So that's not too bad. I went with a 3 liter box, but we both drink and it will go quickly, especially over a month.

I'm just trying to repress the memories I associate with Franzia...I don't think I've ever been quite that sick from drinking since that experience. Ah, college.

Dr. Debs said...

I thought it was just me! Today I went to the store and saw a boxed cabernet--contained 2 750 ml bottles worth of wine and was $8. I couldn't do it! May have to sit this one out.

Anonymous said...

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