Friday, March 16, 2007

WBW #31 Round-Up, Just in Time for the Weekend

Just in time for the weekend, Roger from Box Wines Blog has posted the roundup for WBW #31.

I was impressed with the range of wines folks sampled--everything from champagne to French rose from Provence. I guess I had expected this to be all about Three Thieves, but it wasn't. I'll definitely be looking for some of the Sofia sparkling wine in cans that several reviewers tried.

Check out the full list, with links to all the posts, by clicking here. Thanks as always to Lenn Thompson at Lenndevours for coming up with the concept, which was mentioned in April's Food and Wine magazine. And a big thanks to Roger for shaking things up. As soon as the theme for WBW #32 is posted I'll be sure to let you know, and there may even be a surprise or two.


David said...

Unfortunately I missed this one...was neat to see WBW mentioned in Food & Wine!

Dr. Debs said...

Hi, David. Sorry to have missed you this month, but maybe next month? I know, it was WEIRD to see WBW in Food and Wine. But great, too, to see a blogging event getting that kind of press.