Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Hogwarts Press Release: "Ring of Oden" Transforms Wine into (Better?) Wine

No, I am not making this up.

Two people from Amesbury MA named Aaron and Sue Singleton have invented a "Ring of Oden for Wine Aging." The design came to Aaron in a dream, and does not appear to be related to either the Japanese winter stew, or the Norse god Odin. Though Odin is the god of magic...makes you wonder.

The Singletons claim that the ring (pictured to the left, photo by Robert Branch as reported by the Amesbury News), when placed around any beverage for a period of time that varies from a few minutes to an hour, improves the taste and flavor by ionically changing the charge on the drink's molecules. They are quick to say that they have no scientific data to back up these claims, but they are allowing consumers to test the ring at a local wine and espresso store to see if they agree.

The ring, they claim, makes an $8 bottle of wine taste like an $80 bottle of wine. Wow. If this works, I can start a sister site, Good Wine Under $2!

This ring can be yours for only $99 (cost includes instructional booklet). They love converting skeptics to the power of the ring. Hmm, sounds like Tolkien. Or, maybe the Singletons know the Weasley twins. Available for purchase on the internet, and you can read testimonials and learn how to conduct a Ring of Oden wine tasting there, too.


Sonadora said...

Right.....I think this is one I would have to taste to believe.

Joe said...

Alchemy! Witches, I tell you!

Dr. Debs said...

Wise choice, Sonadora--think of what $99 can buy for your new house! And Joe--lions, tigers, and bears, too.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, hard to believe, but if it can bend the perspective of the photograph like it did then who knows....

Just check out the angle of the ring around the glass stems veruses the top of the glasses!!

Trickery, Schmickery.