Tuesday, May 22, 2007

WBW #33 Roundup: Languedoc-Roussillon Wines

If you're looking for a good value bottle of wine, there are links to reviews of more than 40 mid-priced wines ($15-$30) from the Languedoc-Roussillon region of France over at Doktor Weingolb.

Marcus, aka Dr. Weingolb, set a terrrific theme that allowed bloggers to review a wide variety of juicy reds and some intriguing whites, too. It looks like the Minervois showed particularly well in this blind tasting, as did the Cotes du Roussillon. In general, the entire region is one to explore if you are a budget-conscious wine buyer.

Big thanks go to Marcus for providing such good background material to the region prior to the event, and for getting the roundup online in short order. And thanks to all the participants who have given us such a range of wines to try in the upcoming weeks.


Marcus said...

Thanks Dr. Debs,

I thought I was taking too long with the round-up! Glad to hear that I wasn't losing the thread with WBW 34 now announced.

I still want to crunch some numbers presented in the round-up so don't be surprised if I try to squeeze in final summation post for WBW 33!

Cheers and thanks again for your strong participation in the event,

Dr. Debs said...

Thanks, Marcus. It was a great theme, and I'm going to have a wonderful time this summer hunting down some more Languedoc-Roussillon wines.