Monday, July 16, 2007

Argentinian Rose

I've been drinking a lot of roses this summer, starting back in April with Catavino's virtual rose tasting. I haven't had a rose from Argentina, however, so I recently searched around for one, and found this delicious example (behind a very stylish label) at one of my favorite wine stores.

The 2006 Bodega Terza Malbec Rose Volta was a really delicious wine ($10.95, Chronicle Wine Cellar; available from other merchants for around $15). It had a striking deep rose color, as the picture shows. Made from 100% Malbec, which is known for its rich plum flavors and tannins, in a rose wine such as this the tannins were softer and the fruit was raspberry rather than plum. Aromas of berries and rose petals lifted from the glass as you took your first sip, and then there were floral, raspberry, and strawberry notes in the flavors. The wine had an interesting, silky texture that gave it a rich, full mouthfeel but the wine finished dry nevertheless. Excellent QPR at this price, as has been the case with many of the roses I've had this summer.

Rose wines are such versatile food wines, I almost hate suggesting a pairing as they go with almost anything. But we had it with a sun-dried tomato crusted chicken dish that involved a bread crumb and sun dried tomato mixture that was applied to pounded chicken breasts dredged in flour, then egg, then the crumbs, then pan fried. A zingy sauce was served with it, and I'd combine it with some simple orzo or fettucine tossed with the sauce and some steamed broccoli to complete the meal. This was a delicious companion to the wine, and the dish picked out the berry notes in the wine very well.

After years and years of avoiding all rose wines because they were being made in a sweet, white zinfandel style, I'm so happy that roses are becoming popular again here in the US and shedding their negative image. With great wines like this, that are so versatile and affordable, it's easy to see why. And our friends at domaine547 are making roses even more affordable this week with a sale on their scrumptious roses, so if you haven't seen what all the fuss is about with these "new roses," why not check out their offerings and try one for yourself?


Anonymous said...

haven't ever had a Malbec rosé. very intriguing!

thanks for the linkage...j

winedeb said...

I was just telling Sonadora the other day that I needed to get away from Spain and New Zealand (although I just have to have a wine from there at least once a week) and branch out. I told her Argentina would probably be my next stop and WOW, popped over to you and a Rose post! Cool! I'm going there!

Dr. Debs said...

I know--Malbec rose, who knew? and Argentina is a wine region I don't know either, Deb. Isn't wine great? Always something to learn!