Friday, March 28, 2008

Freaky Friday for Wine Bloggers (and Those Who Know Us)

In news that may leave some readers shaking their heads, but wine bloggers laughing out loud, there is a new wine blog in town.

Likened to The Onion but for wine bloggers by WineBiz radio's Randy Hall, and already eliciting many giggles among wine bloggers on Twitter, Wine-ing 2.0 delivers a healthy dose of perspective on the wine blogging world through its gentle, dead-on humor. With the subtitle "wine blogging is for losers," it is a timely reminder that we could all take ourselves a little less seriously.

Today's most recent story involved a sex sting operation that netted three well-known wine mascots: domaine547's budo-kun, the Little Penguin, and Yellowtail's kangaroo. In other news: Gary Vaynerchuk crashed Twitter out of sheer happiness and excessive tweets, Vinography's Alder Yarrow sprained his tongue and is recovering with a Cabernet Sauvignon, and Constellation has just announced a new brand of wine called 2x4. (mock label shown at right, from Wine-ing 2.0)

It's the end of a long week here in the blogosphere, and what better way to celebrate the last day of voting in the American Wine Blog Awards than with a glass of wine, a chuckle, and a little bit of Freaky Friday madness?

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David said...

not sure if I was too late to vote for you or not, I clicked the link to your blog and came back here (but it's Saturday morning, so it might be wrapped up?). Good luck!