Friday, May 09, 2008

Hot Pink Fizz for Your Next Pizza

This wine is hot pink. Don't believe me? I took a picture of it against the white backdrop of my GE dryer just to prove it.

You might ask yourself, "what is the point of hot pink fizz?" It's a good question. This is not a delicate rose, or a shell-pink sparkler, or anything subtle, profound, or even particularly memorable.

This is a "Whazzat?" wine. "What the hell is that stuff?" is most likely to be the question your guests and loved ones ask when you pour it. You can tell them that it is a gently fizzy frizzante wine from around Venice made from a grape that few have heard of called Raboso. I know, I know. Your cousin Marge doesn't care about that stuff, but it is the right answer. Raboso is a tannic monster with deeply-colored skins which helps to explain why it is so violently pink. It also explains why this wine has some serious grip to it, for all its foofy fizziness.

The NV Incanto Frizzante Rose is one of those wines that you have to have a lot of wine confidence to drink in front of other people. It's hot pink color, aromas of cherry, and tiny bubbles will be enough to make friends think you've lost your mind. But trust me, you haven't--especially if you are drinking a well-chilled bottle while eating a spicy pepperoni pizza on the deck on a warm, early summer Friday evening.

It has all the tannins of a dry red, the refreshing quality of a sparkler, and the crispness that you want on a warm day. There is a dry aftertaste, which just confirms this is no candy wine. But the combination of dryness, bubbles, and tannins makes it the ideal partner for pizza with spicy toppings, appetizer plates loaded with salumi, olives, and cheese, or just plain sipping on a warm afternoon.

You can get this unusual wine at Trader Joe's for around $5.99. At that price this is very good QPR, and it will set you back far less than the pizza or the gas required to pick the pizza up. These days, who can ask for anything more?


winedeb said...

Too fun! Have to pick up some of this for our next afternoon pool party! These types of wines are great for the hot summer days coming upon us!

Velvet Fog said...

When there is hot pink fizz involved, I never ask questions.
This looks interesting.

Anonymous said...

You can guarantee I will be buying this. I have the confidence and I will wear white while drinking. Thanks for the information!

MonkuWino said...

That looks really good! The glasses do also. Sounds perfect for that pizza you mentioned.

Dr. Debs said...

It's good stuff--and Velvet Fog is right. It is interesting! I had the leftovers last night while making dinner and the fizz was still in there. Monkuwino, I got those glasses ages ago at Crate and Barrel--they are terrific for prosecco, frizzante, mimosas, etc. Less great for champagne, but still nice to have around for wines like this.

Anonymous said...

Darn, my Trader Joe's didn't have this one when we stopped to get some last-minute flowers on Mom's Day.

Maybe another one will!

Anonymous said...

Nuts. None in the New York City branch. I guess east coast has a different distributor.

anything but CA said...

Excellent wine! We stocked up on it after the first bottle.