Monday, January 28, 2008

GWU$20 News

Just as I'm about to head out for a Burgundy tasting (report to follow) I got the heads-up that Jill from domaine547 posted an interview with me about my recent tasting of Tuscan wines (full report on that here at GWU$20 this Friday).

I was lucky enough to be asked to go along for the ride with domaine547, and tasted some great wines both within and well outside my normal price brackets. It was fun and instructive--and packed with wine buyers from across LA.

Jill also announced that I put together a "round the world" blogger pack for them, which is now available in the store. Turns out that picking great affordable wine from a bewildering range of options is harder than I thought--thank God there are folks who do it for a living, so we can spend less time choosing and more time drinking great wine. I'll be interested in hearing what you think of the lineup of wines I picked--there are some beauties in there, including a fairly hard to find chenin blanc. Jill will have more information on the blogger pack later in the week, and I will too, but if you can't wait you can certainly go ahead and check it out now--3 great wines for $45 + shipping to wherever you are.

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