Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Welcome to 2008

Happy New Year! Wishing you and yours a safe and joyful 2008.

(picture of Seyval Blanc budbreak from the Ste. Genevieve Winery, Missouri)


winedeb said...

Happy New Year Deb! Keep those awesome wine reviews coming! I totally enjoy them! Thanks!

David McDuff said...

Bonne Année, Deb. Keep up the good work in 2008.

Edward said...

Happy New Year!

I'm very impressed by your resolutions for 08, the book club sounds like a terrific idea, though hopefully the first book nominated is not one of the 2 recent books on wine philosophy - which are worthy but very opaque.


Dr. Debs said...

Thanks everybody. The first book in the club is NOT a philosophy book. Would we do that to you? (actually, we considered it but abandoned the plan!)