Wednesday, January 14, 2009

WBW #53: Wine for Breakfast

Welcome to the 53rd Wine Blogging Wednesday, the online tasting event started years and years ago by Lenn Thompson of Lenndevours.

Today, our host is el Jefe, one of the fertile brains behind Twisted Oak Winery. As those of you who know Twisted Oak might imagine, el Jefe picked a theme that was unusual: what dry red or white wine goes with breakfast?

I just couldn't imagine dry wine and French toast, pancakes, or anything else sweet. So I though about eggs--specifically a healthy goat chesse and red pepper frittata. And, I thought about one of my favorite brunchy-items that is NOT exactly healthfood but sure is delicious: ooey-gooey-cheesey-savory Welsh rabbit. What wine, I wondered, would go with these breakfast foods?

Sauvignon Blanc was the answer. So I popped open the 2006 Sean Minor Wines Four Bears Sauvignon Blanc from the Dry Creek Valley (available from the winery for $14; available from other merchants for around $15). Sean Minor and his wife Nicole named their wines in honor of their four energetic children (or at least they look energetic in the pictures!). They source their grapes from top-notch producers and sell it for affordable prices--which makes them a label to watch out for if you are a GWU$20 reader.

The 2006 Sauvignon Blanc impressed me with its excellent QPR. Delicious aromas of pink grapefruit and star fruit give way to a refreshing yet still round palate of fresh figs and lime zest. It was a very well-made, unusually complex domestic Sauvignon Blanc that will please anyone looking for a wine that is fresh without being assertive or acidic.

And it went just great with "breakfast," too. So if you are serving something cheesy or eggy, with plenty of savory notes, this wine would be a perfect partner for it.

Thanks to el Jefe for a WBW theme almost as twisted as he is! See you back here next month for WBW #54.

Full Disclose: I received this wine as a sample.


Anonymous said...

Wow, you're making me hungry!

Anonymous said...

sounds really good, and nice pairing. i may have to use some of my wifes fresh made goat cheese and make one myself.

The Wine Brat said...

Yum that sounds terrific! I haven't had the Sav Blanc but I like other 4 Bears, so I will seek this out.


Jeff (Good Grape) said...

Nice post, Deb.

4 Bears was a pleasant discovery for me at the WBC -- I'll have to pull the trigger on a purchase.

All the best,


Anonymous said...

When it comes to breakfast or brunch, I'm really more a fan of the savory picks than the sweeter, heavier deals like waffles, pancakes, or pastry. While I'm not sure about wine with anything sweet, it would be a nice indulgence with a more savory menu, I think. A nice sauvignon blanc wouldn't be a bad pairing at all with something like a frittata, a cheese omelet, or certainly a Welsh rabbit. (I'm all about anything cheesy when it comes to brunch foods.)

I haven't tried the sauvignon blanc from 4 Bears yet, but I do like some of their other wines quite a bit. You've just inspired me to give the sauvignon a try sooner rather than later. The idea of pairing it with a brunch this weekend will be a nice indulgence as well. I've been looking for a good excuse to have fondue sometime soon. A Welsh rabbit would be just the ticket.

Anonymous said...

oh i love the Sauvignon Blanc of 4bears .. But one thing - it does not gel wel with Asian foods which contain ginger , garlic etc... This kind of food goes well only with the more spicy varieties. i ordered my sauvignon from the bottlenotes site.. they source unique wines from different parts of the world.. and people on this forum make some great food pairing suggestions :)