Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Who Put Nectarines in the Chardonnay?

There are times when you read tasting notes and think, "yeah, sure you taste nectarines" and wonder if the wine writer has lost their mind.

This is not that kind of wine.

If you get a chance to taste the very good QPR 2007 Dancing Bull Chardonnay I am betting that you will also be struck by the unusually pronounced nectarine flavors. First, you well detect aromas of golden delicious apples and grapefruit zest. Then, with the first sip, all you can taste is nectarines, nectarines and more nectarines. Those of you with sharp taste buds may also pick up some peach and apple notes, along with a vanilla aftertaste that remains fresh and light.

This would be delightful with slightly spicy Thai food--anything from beef satay to chicken with ginger and oyster sauce.

It's a new release, so expect to see it soon near you for $7-$12.

Full disclosure: I received this wine as a sample.

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Anonymous said...

Two nights ago I opened a 1998 Savenierres from Chateau Varennes. It began with subtle yet rich aroma of peaches and in the mouth pure peach juice that just kept getting peachier as time went by. I have detected hints of peaches before, in riesling, viognier etc., but never anything this profound. Now that I read this post, maybe it was nectarines? Amazing, no matter which stone fruit you call and it and oh so refreshing. Really enjoy your blog. Thanks.