Monday, January 08, 2007

For Your Consideration: Nominations for the 2007 American Wine Blog Awards

Living in LA, it's impossible to pick up anything without seeing the words "For Your Consideration" as Tinsel-town gets ready for the Oscars. Tom Wark at Fermentation has seen to it that wine bloggers and readers aren't left out of all the fun! He's instituted the first ever American Wine Blog Awards.

Clicking on the buttons below will take you directly to the nomination page for that category on Tom's site. Please take note of the conditions (in most cases, blogs must have posted at least 52 posts in 2006 to be eligible), and the category descriptions. You may nominate up to three blogs in any category, and a selection committee will go through them and determine finalists in each category. Sadly, Tom's own excellent blog is out of the running since he's taken himself out of the competition.

Categories are:

Nominations close on January 18, 2007. So give it a think, click over and leave your nominations, and chill some champagne in anticipation of the results. And of course, thank you for your consideration!

And kudos to Tom for doing such an amazing job organizing, promoting, and running the awards.

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