Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Wine Blogging Wednesday #41 and #42

First, Jack and Joanne from Fork and Bottle, have posted the impressive round-up of tasting notes from WBW #41, which focused on the whites of Friuli-Venezia Giulia. People clearly had a wide range of experiences with these hard-to-find white wines. Some loved them and will be drinking more of them, others found the bottles they could get their hands on quite ordinary. Still, the turnout was great and many WBW tasters drank several different bottles, and tried some new Friuli grapes, so do head over to the round-up and then on to the web for the full details.

Second, Andrew from Spittoon will be the host for WBW #42 in February. He asks us to drink an Italian red. Any Italian red. Whew, you're thinking. That's not rough. Wait for it. Then you need to review it--in just seven words. This should be seven words that make a sensible sentence, wine name and other data not included. Confused? Head over to Spittoon for full details. Taste your wine and post your notes (and photographs!) by Wednesday, February 13.

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Orion Slayer said...

Seven words! How can you express anything?!?