Friday, July 03, 2009

Today on Serious Grape: Does Your Stemware Matter?

If you are planning to drink wine from a plastic cup this weekend, you may want to think twice.

At this year's Hospice du Rhône I attended a seminar on wineglasses led by Georg Riedel. My experiences in that seminar convinced me that the shape of your wineglass really does matter, and that drinking wine out of a plastic cup makes even good wine taste like Welch's grape juice.

Check out my experiences in today's Serious Grape column on Serious Eats. What do you think? Is this all hooey, or does stemware matter to a wine's taste?


Andrea said...

As much as I dislike pretentious wine ANYTHING, I confess that I notice a difference in the taste of wine in the "correct" stemware. I don't always drink Pinot Noir from a PN glass, but I HAVE a PN glass. It's just such a pain to wash!

Dave said...

Funny i actually just read an article regarding this issue.

I dont really know what to believe 1)i am relativly new to wine drinking and 2) he says it is a marketing ploy by Ridel yet he pushes you to purchase his own glass.