Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Summery Riesling

Summery food and warmer temperatures seem to cry out for an equally summery wine.

In my book, there's nothing quite so summery as Riesling. Is it because many smell of peaches and honey? Perhaps. Is it because they pair so well with the spicy food that makes you sweat? Quite possibly. Or is it because their lower alcohol levels mean that they are refreshing? The answer, I suspect, is all three.

If you are are in the market for a Riesling as the mercury rises, the 2008 Estancia Riesling is a very good QPR from California's Central Coast. ($15 suggested retail; available online for under $15) There were summery aromas of apple, peach, and white flowers with the tiniest whiff of a mineral note. The flavors are very peachy, like biting into the ripest summer fruit, but there is plenty of acidity to keep it all in balance. The wine is off-dry, which will make it perfect for Thai, Vietnamese, or spicy Chinese food. Or chill down a bottle to go with some spicy peel and eat shrimp or some Sushi.

Full Disclosure: I received this wine as a sample.


Arnaud H said...

One of my favorite California Rieslings is Trefethen, which retails for under $20. Always consistent, and possibly their best wine.

Stacey said...

First, I wanted to say I tried this wine at a friend's house and really enjoyed it (which says a lot because I normally am not a huge fan of Riesling).

Second, I love your blog! What a great concept--I wish I found it long ago! My husband and I are budget wine drinkers by choice (at least we say this- I don't think we have too much of a choice with this economy!). Also, I appreciate your honesty in disclosing what you receive as a sample.

Great work!

Dr. Debs said...

thanks for the Trefethen suggestion, Arnaud. And a big thanks to you, Stacey. Glad you found GWU$20, too!

Max mickle said...

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BetsyJ said...

Speaking of Monterey, the Monterey County Fair had its wine tastings for Competition Winners last night. Ventana Vineyard took up half the Best in Class table! Sauv Blanc, Syrah, Tempranillo and Riesling. Great stuff coming out of Monterey these days (finally!) and these guys are all under $20 (per their website. you can find a bottle in your area, I recommend them all!