Thursday, December 02, 2010

Got Gewürztraminer?

This week, I'm on the run. From home to work to appointments, to the store, to run errands--you know exactly what I mean. Often, this means that there is a fair amount of takeout and/or prepared foods bought at the supermarket sitting on our dinner table. When I'm feeling frazzled, I'm always glad if there's some Gewürztraminer on hand.

Gewürztraminer is a spicy white wine that, though dry, gives a sense of sweetness on the tongue. As a result, it's perfect with:
  • sausages
  • roasted chicken from the supermarket
  • roasted butternut squash soup
  • Thai curries
  • Pho
  • Sushi
  • Indian food
  • Spicy Chinese Food
If these are turning up on your table with some regularity, having some Gewürztraminer in the house will make your life easier.

My recommendation is the 2009 Snoqualmie Vineyards Gewürztraminer Naked (suggested retail $10; available for $9-$14). I've enjoyed getting to know this line of wines better, and reviewed their Chardonnay positively, too. In fact, I can't remember the last time I've had a domestic Gewürztraminer that pleased as much as this one did. Exotic aromas of honey, cinnamon toast, and cream entice you to take your first sips. The flavors reminded me of spicy apple compote, with a bit of honey in the aftertaste. Though the impression in your mouth is sweet, the wine is actually quite dry. Excellent QPR.

Full Disclosure: I received a sample of this wine for review.


Unknown said...

One of my favorites, thanks for the review.

ackebea said...

A great one

Unknown said...

Hi... Yes surely.. It is a very good wine and with the foods which you listed is much more tasteful and awesome. I love this wines and if there is such type of food with it then it feels like a heaven.
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Meghan said...

I'll have to try this one. I'm a huge fan of the Navarro Gewurz - that was the winery that taught me that I liked Gewurztraminer in the first place. It'd be great to find some others.