Monday, December 01, 2008

Leftovers? Rosé to the Rescue!


We all have them.

We all need to get rid of them.

After a long holiday weekend like the one we just survived, they threaten to engulf us. And it's not just turkey. There's leftovers from dinner the night before. And there's more leftovers from dishes people brought by after Thanksgiving.

When will it end? And what wine will you serve with them?

Rosé, of course.

If you're looking for a good QPR rosé, one with the stuffing to stand up to, well, stuffing, try the 2007 Breggo Rosé of Syrah. I got my bottle in a Wine Bloggers Pack from domaine547, but domaine547 is now selling it solo for $17.99. The wine was selected by fellow blogger Wannabe Wino, and it was a delicious example of a bone dry, refreshing rosé. The aromas and flavors were of tart strawberry and stone, which were terrific with leftover turkey and all the trimmings--especially the cranberry sauce. I never say this about a rosé, but if anything the wine could have been a bit more fruity. So if you like your rosés stony rather than lush and summery, you will love this wine.

And, it is the all-purpose leftover solution. Since the bird in your fridge is probably not the last cooked turkey in plastic bags you will see this winter, get some of this stuff in the house now. You'll be all set.


Anonymous said...

I had written off Rosé for the winter as I have such a mental association of these wines with daylight and sunshine. Given your recommendation I am going to reconsider. Tonight, turkey and rosé it is...

Anonymous said...

Dr. Debs, glad to see the Sonadora pack has been such a hit! This rosé is lovely, and if you want to bring summer to winter completely, try it with Megan's ribs recipe which is easy and delicious.

Anonymous said...

I love these wines! My favorite this year was the 2007 Mas Amiel Côtes du Roussillon. I got it at a local wine store for $14.99, and it had that fabulous combination of strawberries, wet stones, and bone dry finish. To me these are the perfect winter whites.