Thursday, September 27, 2007

Hocus Pocus: the Video

I just got word from Amy and Peter at Black Sheep Finds (the folks who make the great Hocus Pocus Syrah that I had for Wine Blogging Wednesday #30 a while back) that they submitted a video to the Wine Spectator's Video Contest and they among the finalists in the top 5.

The video's great! (They say its cheesy, but I like seeing the bottle machine in action...) It shows how hard the work of making wine can be, the commitment it takes to turn the dream of making wine into a reality, and just how little money most folks make. And where did those pesky labels go??

Click on over and check it out, and of course vote for Amy and Peter's video if you are at all inclined. If they win, they will get to go to the Wine Spectator Grand Tasting in NYC. Based on what I've seen, they could use the vacation!

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