Monday, September 17, 2007

WBW Updates: Roundup on Indigenous Grapes and October's Theme

A lot happened on the Wine Blogging Wednesday front yesterday. Both the roundup for WBW #37 on indigenous varieties and the new theme for WBW #38 were posted.

First, Dr. Vino had a very successful WBW #37 where he encouraged folks to go native and drink indigenous varieties. There were 52 entries, and a lot of first-timers which is always good to see. The reviews look terrific, and there are some wines I will be seeking out. Check out the roundup, complete with hyperlinks to the reviews, by clicking here. It's a great resource for those of us who are trying to learn more about wine.

Second, Ryan and Gabriella at Catavino will be our hosts for WBW #38, which will be focused on the wines of Portugal. Ryan and Gabriella want us to try to steer away from the port and madeira most of us are familiar with, and even the Douro if we can (not sure I can manage that!) and focus on Portuguese table wines. They've made up a packet of hints and tips to help us find the wine and as usual given us lots of helpful information to get us started. Find your wine, taste it on or before October 15, and send the links to Catavino for inclusion in the roundup. Have fun, and join this great online event.

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