Saturday, February 02, 2008

Looking for a Sicilian Red? Check Out My Blogger Pack at domaine547

The blogosophere achieved synergy this week on the subject of Sicilian reds. Yesterday I mentioned that GWU$20's regional focus this month switches from Friuli to Sicily. WBW #42 is coming up, and Andrew from Spittoon wants us to describe an Italian red in 7 words or less. And then domaine547 officially launched their newest blogger pack--a trip around the world for $45 + shipping via some wine selections that combine terroir with great value. And the wines were selected by yours truly! (logo from domaine547)

Domaine547's blogger pack program is unique in that Jill (the brain in the domaine) asks bloggers to serve as guest buyers. I've really enjoyed the blogger packs. The first pack by Ryan and Gabriella really jump-started my love of Portuguese wines, and I'm just about to dip into Good Grape's selection of Oregon wines that refer back to Alsatian grape varieties.

Jill's put up some bits and pieces about the wines that I've selected over on the site, along with ordering information. And one of the wines I picked for the pack was a Sicilian Nero d'Avola that it turns out was recommended by Bastianich and Lynch in Vino Italiano! (the first book in the new Wine Book Club).

This really must be a sign, just like the domaine547 mascot says. Buy the blogger pack, get your Sicilian red for WBW #42, AND have something to sip while listening to Sicilian pop music and reading Vino Italiano! Yet another offer that, as Don Corleone would be quick to say, you can't refuse.

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