Monday, September 29, 2008

Brought to You By the Letter "B": Betsy's Backacher Bottle Blond

Remember Wine Blogging Wednesday 47--the one brought to you by the letter "S"?

Today I've got a wine for you that's brought to you by the letter "B."

It's the 2006 Spann Vineyards Betsy's Backacher Bottle Blond from the North Coast AVA. ($15.69 from an independent grocery store; you might be able to get it near you for between $14 and $18)

This was one of those wines you pick up and it's unexpectedly fantastic. When I finished it, I couldn't help thinking that it was a great candidate for all around house white with its blend of viognier, semillon, and chardonnay. Depending on what food you pair with it, different nuances will be picked out in the wine. We had it with Jamaican Jerk marinated tuna that I flung on the grill and served with some mango-rice, and it behaved like a Gewurztraminer--all spicy with tropical fruit flavors.

When it comes to the aromas,they are very typical of both Semillon and Chardonnay with scents of Golden Delicous apple and pear. Then you get a faint whiff of peach from the Viognier. Because of the combination of medium- and full-bodied grapes that go into this wine, it feels soft and round in your mouth with flavors of white nectarine, peach, and apple. The wine has a very juicy, almost lip-smacking finish, so it's a good thing it's such an versatile excellent QPR option when you are looking for a white wine to stand up to fall's richer, heavier meals.

This is one of the most interesting white wines I've had in a long time--probably because it's a blend, and therefore has a little multiple personality thing going on. But I really recommend it for just that reason--with few exceptions, this wine will go with everything on your dinner table. And don't be surprised if it turns up in my list of Thanksgiving wine picks for just that reason.

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