Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Wine Blogging Wednesday #50 Announced: Wine for the Great Outdoors

I went to school in Massachusetts. Every fall, the college granted us an unexpected day off called "Mountain Day" to enjoy the great outdoors. If you woke up and the college's bells kept ringing at 8 AM instead of stopping on the eighth chime, you got a day off. Lots of colleges in New England do it, and it left me with an insatiable desire between September and November to play hookie and soak in the sights, smells, and sounds of this magical season. (Colby-Sawyer students on Mt. Kearsarge in 2006)

Now I get to have grown-up Mountain Day with wine--thanks to the Russ the Winehiker. He's our host for Wine Blogging Wednesday #50, and he is asking the following question: which wine would you pour in the Great Outdoors?

According to Russ, "You get bonus points for choosing a wine that is made locally to you, double bonus points for sharing the name of the wilderness you would walk in, triple bonus points for sharing the name of the trailhead and how to get there, and a gazillion bonus points for actually walking that trail, enjoying your selected wine on a post-hike picnic, and describing your day of outdoor adventure for your readers."

Post your ideas on October 8, and leave Russ a comment once you've posted with a link to your blog. See you back here in a few weeks to tell you which wine I'd pack for some post-hike refreshment.

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Loweeel said...

Dr. Debs, as a Williams alum, I wholeheartedly approve of both Mountain Day and the theme!