Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Wine Book Club #5: Back to School/Election Edition Featuring Tyler Colman

I'm pleased to announce that I'll be hosting the 5th edition of the Wine Book Club, the online book club for wine lovers who also love to read.

On October 28, 2008 we will be meeting to discuss a book that fits nicely into what will be on many minds this fall: back to school and politics. The book under discussion will be Tyler Colman's Wine and Politics: How Governments, Environmentalists, Mobsters, and Critics Influence the Wines We Drink. (University of California Press, $27.50; available through Amazon.com for $18.15)

Remember those days of sitting in undergraduate lectures and listening to a professor talk about their subject of expertise? Well I've started the book, and I feel like I'm learning about wine and politics from a very talented teacher who knows a lot about his subject.

As many of you know, Tyler Colman is at the top of the class in wine blogging as Dr. Vino. What you may not know is he really is a doctor, and holds a PhD degree in politics from one of my alma maters, Northwestern University. I'm hoping to entice him to answer a few questions for us about his book before our book reports are due on October 28, 2008. If you'd like to participate in Wine Book Club #5, all you have to do is get your hands on a copy of Tyler's book, read it, and post a review on your own blog on October 28. That gives you almost 2 months to get this book finished, which should be plenty of time. (I never got a deadline that generous in college!)

Don't have a blog? Post your review on the Wine Book Club site in the comments section for this announcement post, or on Shelfari, or on the Discussion Board for the Wine Book Club on Facebook. You can also leave a link in the comments to my review, which will of course be posted on October 28.

I'm hoping a lot of bloggers, and fans of wine blogging, turn out this month to read Tyler Colman's book. And be sure to check out the roundup of responses to Jancis Robinson's book from Wine Book Club #4, now that Farley's back from vacation, on Wine Outlook.


Anonymous said...

Hi Deb -

Thanks so much for turning the attention of the blogosphere on my book! I very much look forward to hearing what everyone has to say on October 28.

If people drop me a link, I'd be happy to do a roundup of the reviews on my blog too.



Anonymous said...

I'm echoing Dr. Vino and will also link to reviews from my humble blog as well. Received the book from Amazon today. I'm psyched.